February 5, 2012

Tech Shop Calgary - $25 voucher giveaway

Ok, nice short post for Albertans reading this. I have way too much running gear so recycling a $25 Tech Shop gift card which I won at some race. Post a comment by 6pm today (Sun 5th Feb) and then I'll do a little draw (if I get more than one comment) and pop the gift card in the mail to the winner!

Happy Sunday long runs!


  1. Oh I'd love that. I am shrinking out of my current running gear.

  2. I don't live in Alberta, but thought I'd comment anyway (can't use the gift card). I enjoy reading your blog:)

  3. Been stalking your blog for a bit too. :) I would love to help you use up the card, I need winter running tights.

  4. I live in BC but travel to Calgary, and shop at the Tech Shop, regularly. I would be thrilled to find a use for your GC!

  5. And the winner is.... Lala Mama! Email me your mailing address to elliegreenwood@yahoo.co.uk and I'll get the gift card in the mail to you :)

    1. Wow thank you!!! :) I'll do that right now!!

  6. posted on a sunday? aw no way! i always wanted to get something in the mail from a world champion. :D
    you're still at the top of my list of 'coolest runners ever' though Ellie.