June 7, 2013

This, That and a little bit of the Other

Hmm, well normally I reserve my blog for race reports but there will be a little interlude on racing but still quite a bit going on so time for an update...

Having had some annoying ankle pain that was limiting my running in the weeks leading up to my DNF at BMO Vancouver marathon I found out 10 days later that it was in fact a stress fracture to my fibula.  I was lucky enough to get connected with the wonderful Dr. Dory Boyer and following x-rays which didn't really show too much I was very soon in for a bone scan.  As I lay there having the scan done I could see a big white spot on the screen right where my pain was, well it doesn't take medical training to know that that means something, and something not very good!  Although no one wants a stress fracture I was at least happy to have a diagnosis, I'd had 6 weeks of mystery pain that had not been responding to rest or treatment and it was getting frustrating so at least now I know what it is and I am on a treatment and rest plan to get back to running just as soon as a safely can.  For right now it is no-impact activities, so swimming, pool running and some easy cycling.  New swimsuit purchased, oh and a new bike too (that I've wanted for years).  And before you ask, no - I have no plans to do a triathlon ... yet!

Looking not bad just metres before I pulled the plug at 30km in Van marathon, not knowing I had a stress fracture

New wheels at Deep Cove, North Vancouver

Before the stress fracture diagnosis I'd already pulled the plug on Comrades as I knew I was in no  state to race 89km.  As I sat in Dr. Dory's office the realisation that I would also not be racing Western States and Speedgoat hit.  Since then I've also pulled the plug on UTMB - yes, I may be able to run 100 miles by then but I don't want to rush my return to running by having a big race looming.  Once I'm back running a little I'll start looking for some lower key, fun races to hopefully take part in come the fall.

So what on earth have I been filling my time with now I'm not running 15 - 20 hours per week?  To be honest, I have no idea how I had the time to do all that running as the days are speeding by!  Ok, the life guards now know me at the pool very well (18 days of swimming and pool running in the past 20 days) but I've also been catching up on other things like reading good books, seeing friends and catching up on things in general.

My current workout gear

Two weekends ago I volunteered at a low key local race in North Van, the Iron Knee 25km...well it looked low key until Rickey Gates and Adam Campbell came flying through our aid station and a world class battle was on.
Sammy and Ben volunteering at Iron Knee

I've also been enjoying doing some writing and have two recent posts on my Chicks Corner column over at iRunFar.com.  Check them out by clicking here.

Finally my fundraising efforts for Dekpor School Deveopment Organisation in Ghana came to an end and a huge thank you to all fo you who doanted and help raise $3649 for this super cause!  It really will make a difference to this grassroots cause.  Big shouts out to my sponsors Mountain Hardwear, Drymax Socks, Flora Health, Sundog Eyewear, Petzl and Clif Bar who donated draw prizes to encourage you to donate.  Although my fundraising efforts have ended DSDO is always in need of funds so please do check their website out.  They are also one of the official charities for the Scotia Bank Waterfront Toronto Marathon (and 5km and 1/2) in October, so if you are running please consider raising funds for them.

Finally, I'm looking forward to spectating at Western States in 3 weeks time.  It will be fun to connect with lots of friends, runners and sponsors, and I'm particularly looking forward to being part of the Veteran's Panel hosted by AJW with Tim Twietmeyer, Gordy Ainsleigh and myself.  If you are in Squaw do pop along on Thurs 27th at 5pm to Squaw Valley Lodge, entrance is free and open to all, it will be great to see you there.

With AJW, WS100 2012
Lastly, I will continue to blog but for more regular little updates you can always check out my Facebook page here.

Happy Pool Running!