For information on online coaching services Ellie provides to runners of all abilities, please visit Sharman Ultra by clicking here.  Ellie is currently accepting new coaching clients and can be contacted via the Sharman Ultra website.

Ellie is also co-instructs a half marathon/ full marathon clinic at Kintec North Vancouver/ North Shore Athletics.  The clinic runs January to May 2017, targeting BMO Half and Full marathon in May 2017.  For more details, click here.
Testimonials for Ellie's coaching work

Ellie has been my coach for eight months and in that time my running performances have improved beyond what I would have thought possible a year ago.  Within just six weeks of being coached by Ellie, my half marathon time improved by three and a half minutes and I have continued to improve ever since.  Ellie always manages to get me race ready despite my less than ideal race schedule (try having a road half marathon, a 50K, a VK, and a 12K trail race all within 8 weeks) all while ensuring I have fun along the way.  Ellie is a true asset to any runner looking to improve.  I can't imagine being coached by anyone else!"
- Kim Collier, Alberta, Canada

"My running and racing have improved immensely under Ellie's coaching.  She pushes me to work harder than I would have thought possible, but she also focuses on keeping the training fun so I don't risk injury or burnout.  Ellie has helped me train for races that were well outside of my previous running experience, preparing me well enough that I got to shift my race goals from 'can I finish?' to 'how fast?'"
- Mallory Richard, Manitoba, Canada

“I used to think that unless you’re an elite athlete, aiming to win the Olympics, there’s no point in getting a running coach because coaches are all about hard work and no fun. Well, I was wrong! Ellie proved to be the perfect match for me as a coach and now I have a hard time seeing myself tackle new challenges without her guidance. With her fun and relaxed approach to running she’s got me doing some pretty intense workouts that I would have never even attempted on my own. I’ve recently completed my biggest challenge to date, a six-day stage race in the Rockies, and not only that I lined up at the start line feeling ready for the challenge but I also had an incredibly strong race and I finished happy and injury free! Because of Ellie’s coaching I’ve become a stronger, faster and wiser runner and I haven’t stopped having fun for a second.”
- Miruna Toma, BC, Canada

"Ellie has coached me now for over a year, through plenty of highs and the inevitable lows. I feel stronger not only as a runner but as a sportsman and a person. A good running coach is about more than the knowledge they possess of their sport, although this is vital and Ellie comes with tremendous credentials in this area. It is about instilling confidence in their runners, keeping their spirits high when they bump up against an unexpected setback, recognising that life often intervenes with the best-laid-plans, and helping them chart the right course to their goals while never passing judgement on how mad those might be! Ellie is such an effective coach, as well as a total pleasure to work with, because she combine all these elements so well. It feels like less of a coaching relationship and more a partnership."
- Chris McCarthy, UK

"Ellie coached me from my first ultra to a successful Comrades Marathon where I finished strong and achieved fourth place in my age-group. Ellie inspired me to work hard and to push my limits. At the same time, her customized training plan with regular updates, respected my developing abilities. With Ellie's encouragement I built strength and endurance, remained injury-free, and felt great throughout  At the Comrades start, I felt confident, knowing that I had trained as well as I possibly could. Ellie's guidance on pacing and race tactics was also key to making the race an amazing experience. I am looking forward to ongoing coaching with Ellie and I'm excited by the prospect of working on some new goals. Ellie makes me feel that almost anything is possible."
- Angela Huxham, BC, Canada


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