November 25, 2014

IAU World 100k

Thank you, once again, to the elite ultra media team of for publishing my race report from the IAU World 100k in Doha last week!  You can read about my perspective on the race here.

But here as some extra little memories of the event that didn't fit into the race report:

- Anti doping control knocked on our hotel room door at 7.20am on the day before the race.  You have to answer the door right away so the doping control office in a full length hijab was met by Ellie in her underwear ;)

- It was on honour to be mowed down on the 20 x 5km lap course by a pack of the leading men, Max King, Jonas Budd and about 8 other men stormed past me like I was standing still.

 - Meghan Arbogast is amazing!  The course had lots of out and backs, and each time I saw Meghan she looked rock solid and smiling, 8th in the World at 50yrs+ is outstanding.  And she looks better in bun-huggers than me ;)

- Max King and I like to win together!  Chuckanut, UROC, JFK, World 100k wins together.  What's next on the schedule, Max?

- On the GB crew we were honoured to have Eleanor Robinson helping out along with Walter and Adrian.  Eleanor was IAU World 100k champion herself in 1990, the year the race was held in Duluth, MN and Ann Trason came 2nd.

- It was very nice of the BA cabin crew to offer us all champagne on the flight out to Doha, but being well-behaved runners we all stuck to just water :(  Being in Qatar, even a celebratory glass of wine after the race had to wait until the flight home.

- Thank you to Team Canada and Team USA crew for the additional cheering, the ultra community is awesome :)

Course preview with Emily and Jo pre-race

Team GB arrives in Doha

Yippee! Credit: Aspire Zone Foundation

Thanks Adrian for the Union Jack :) Credit: Aspire Zone Foundation

Ok running form for a trail runner :)  Credit: Aspire Zone Foundation
The Torch Hotel, Aspire, Doha

With Montrail/ Mountain Hardwear teammies Max King and Amy Sproston

Posing for the cameras.  Credit: Aspire Zone Foundation

Team Sweden friends at the Opening Ceremony

We love a 7.20am call to doping control ;)

Doha souks
Jo, myself and Jo with Eleanor.  GB 3rd, 1st and 4th. 

Pre race smiles with Emily and Jo.  Credit: Bryon Powell