November 23, 2010

Motivation Night - Banff Lululemon Athletica - Tuesday Nov 30th

If you live in the Bow Valley come our next Tuesday to the Banff Lululemon store (121 Banff Ave)! I will be speaking along with some other locals on how to stay motivated over the winter months. I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences on how to keep training on days like today when it's minus 33! Come along at 8pm for about 1.5hrs. No actual running required! Details below:

Guest speakers:

John Coleman – Performance Coach with the National Para-Alpine team and National Ringette team.

Ellie Greenwood – Elite Runner:
Second in the infamous Canadian Death Race in Grand Cache
Winner of Elk Beaver 100km on Vancouver Island , setting an unofficial world trail 100km record.
Winner of the Scorched Sole 50-miler in Kelowna , BC
Winner of both the Edmonton and Calgary Marathons
World IAU 100km Champion

Kat Feeney – Nutritionist at NuRoots, Canmore.


John and Ellie will combine their experience of maintain motivation from the psychological and physiological aspect.

John will focus on the 3M's that matter; meaning matters: “What is the meaning behind what you do? Why are you doing what you do and or why are you interested in starting something new?” Momentum matters: The question isn't “am I contributing to my momentum”, it is “how am I contributing to my momentum”. And the next question is “what momentum am I contributing to?” Moment matters: John will talk about the importance of being present in the moment when deciding to be motivated.

Ellie will speak about how she stays motivated during the cold winter months in order to get enough mileage in to remain competitive in the spring. Ellie will touch on the importance of goal setting (both short and long term), discuss a healthy training routine and talk about how the balance between being tough on yourself and also knowing when to step back can keep you motivated.

Kat will focus on seasonal whole foods and strengthening immunity. She will also be providing a list of recipes for you all to take home.

The floor will then be opened to discussion.


  1. Lots of fun! A great community event with lots of idea sharing and a great turn out :)