May 16, 2011

Marathon Talk Interview!

With a bit of shameless self promotion as well as a shout out to an awesome podcast - check out Marathon Talk at Lots of awesome interviews with all sorts of distance runners from all over the world, an amazing source of information and inspiration. Oh, and my interview is on episode 71 :)

The count down is on...

13 days until Comrades 89km in South Africa...

Point to point, uphill from Durban to Pietermaritzberg...

Taken place since since 1921...

16, 000 competitors...

It's going to be a blast!

I can't wait :)


  1. I'm new to your blog, but listen to Marathon talk every week - looking forward to hearing your interview!

  2. This is an interesting show to listen to ... thanks for sharing. Good luck in Comrades if I don't see you tomorrow night.

  3. Great interview! I wasn't familiar with the podcast, and will definitely go back through and listen to some of the archives. See you in a week!

  4. Liz - glad you found my blog :) Brenda - Marathon Talk downloads could be good for long runs as they have really intresting and diverse stuff. Amy - can't wait - see you in Durban :)

  5. Good interview, sound advise as well. I'm trying to think of different food stuffs to take with me on long runs. I get what your saying about gels I get really bored of stuff on long runs. I mainly eat winegums but just feel like I have a furry mouth after a while. Good luck with Comrades!

  6. Great interview. Just listened on my long run and was totally inspired by you. Thanks for having a blog so we can follow your training. Love it.