December 8, 2011

TNF 50 mile Endurance Challenge San Francisco

Find my race report of my final race (promise!) of the year by clicking here.

And a big shout out to Bryon & Megan of
m for their awesome coverage of the race as it unfolded on twitter as well as the great post-race analysis.

Happy trails x


  1. Way to go! But is it really your final race of the year...? Can't keep a good runner off the trails or from running on the blacktop!

  2. DEFINITELY last race of the year, need some rest and time to catch up on 'life' and focus on the day job a little :) But agree, it's always hard to avoid racing temptation!

  3. Ah, good point. Happy Holidays! Get some rest and have some fun!

  4. Ellie, we passed each other a couple times during the first couple climbs. At the time I noticed (envied) your extremely bright headlamp as compared with my relatively dim one. What headlamp were you using?