January 4, 2012

2012 - A Year in Running Photos

Well I always believe that it is better to look forward to the future rather than looking back to the past too much but everyone one else in the running blogging world seems to be reviewing their year so I figured I would too.

It's been a year of some amazing experiences and dreams come true. Lots of Montrails worn, Clif shots consumed, Drymax socks changed, and calves compressed by CEP (oh, should I give a shout out to my awesome sponsors that also include Sundog Eyewear, Udos Oil and Dion Snowshoes?!)

So click here to view my 2012 running album because I always believe that a picture can paint a thousand words.

Happy trails, and now onto 2012 and yet more running goals.


  1. Facebook says the page is unavailable.

    David T.

  2. Hey david, hmm - not sure what is going on - seems to show for me? Sorry, I'm not the best at these things!

  3. Oh bother! Will try figure it out sometime soon. If not,hopefully people can access it via www.facebook.com/ellie.greenwood.