March 6, 2012

Winter hibernation

No blog updates in a while as I have been pretty much hibernating. Nothing too exciting going on except a busy work schedule and trying to get as much training in as possible as next few months are likely to get even more hectic. I squeezed in one 'race' so far this year, Gord's Frozen Ass 50km in Calgary, a few weeks back. To be honest it was just awesome to have a 2 day weekend and have fun people to run 50km with. It's meant to be a 25km out and back on a bike path by the canal but due to bridge construction it was about 8km out, 8km back, repeat x 3! Ok, not the most scenic (it's in industrial Calgary!) but great to just get some miles in and hang out with runners (especially given I train pretty much solo). I get slower every year at this race but I'll blame it not he fresh snow, the bonus 3.6km, and a delay waiting to cross the train tracks!

Needless to say I am looking forward to coming out of hibernation and racing Chuckanut 50km in Bellingham, WA in 12 days time! Unusually there are still spots open (registration closes March 9th for the March 17th race), so there is is still time to head over to and register. It's a great event and what I like to call the 'season party opener' for the ultra racing year.

Other than that I have added to my race schedule for this year. It's 50 miles of sweet single track in beautiful Squamish, BC on August 11th and being hosted by my Montrail team mate Gary Robbins. It's the first year of the event, though some what loosely based around the now defunct Stormy race (which I loved!). With a 3 to 7 person relay option as well as a half marathon, it seems pretty much guaranteed to be a great day on the trails. Check out the website, and again you can register on (get in before the end of this month before the fees go up a little!).

And one final shout out to one of my very cool sponsors - Drymax socks. Get your photo submitted (via their Facebook page) of you running in a pair of Drymax socks and you have the chance to win 36 pairs of these cool socks (as well as having your photo included in one of their national magazine ads!) I think the contest closes March 21st, but check your Drymax Socks on Facebook to be sure and read the fine print!

Happy trails x

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