June 7, 2015

Comrades, Oh Comrades

Comrades, oh Comrades.  It's pretty hard to have a bad Comrades day because it is such an amazing event.  Did I run fast?  No, not really.  Did I place well?  No, not really.  Am I glad that I raced?  Yes, absolutely.

For how my race went down, head over to the wonderful website that is iRunFar.com by clicking here:

Otherwise, here are some photo memories of another great trip to South Africa.  Big thanks the my main sponsor Salomon, their X-Series road shoe was ideal for a race like Comrades, and big thanks to my South African run club, Nedbank, for their super hospitality, support and friendship as always.  Needless to say, a fair few Clif gels were consumed in the 88km between Durban and Pietermaritzburg, and my stomach stayed happy all day.  Huge thanks to Sundog Eyewear for their supper sunnies and financial support in getting me the rehab I needed after my broken hand in March.  And thanks as always to Flora Health, to keep me healthy and recovering well, and to Petzl, who always light the way :)  I couldn't do all this racing and traveling without the support of my sponsors, so please excuse the commercial plug!  Now back to those photos ...

Salomon X-series loving the South African hills :)

Just some of the Nedbank elite men

Sunset over the Durban soccer stadium

Some of the Nedbank elite

Live TV interview with SABC pre-race

Team Scotland!  With Joasia Zakrzewski

Sharing early miles with team mate Charne Bosman, Charne went on to finish strong in 2nd

Durban sunrise over the Indian Ocean

Max & I hobbled along for a fun Salomon photo shoot the day after the race :)

Smiling sunrise

Early miles in the dark.  Photo: Kelvin Trautman/ Salomon Running

Fun times at the Salomon store in Umhlanga/ Durban pre-race.  Photo: Kelvin Trautman/ Salomon Running

Salomon team mates!  With Max King.  Photo: Kelvin Trautman/ Salomon Runnning
Oh so relaxed the afternoon pre-race :) Photo: Kelvin Trautman/ Salomon Runnning

Pre-race radio interview at the race expo

TV finish, yes - the whole 12 hours of Comrades is broadcast live on national South African TV!

With Jackie of Salomon Running, thanks for being such a great host!

Motoring through the (55) miles

Nick & his Nedbank ladies.  We took 7 out of the top 10 positions :)


  1. Of course people still read blogs! Congratulations on an amazing race!

  2. Of course people still read blogs! Congratulations on an amazing race!

  3. I'm very jealous of Nick! Hard to run when your training was interrupted and you were uncertain of your preparedness, I'm sure. 6th seems amazing, but we know your standards and record! Thanks for another enjoyable Comrades 'fix'.

  4. Sure people still read /your/ blog :+) Congrats and thanks for sharing. All these smiles are truely inspiring. Keep going!