July 24, 2015

The Great Climate Race!

Most of my blog posts tend to be about races I've run or training updates, but this post is an all out promo of a new 10k (and 2k fun run!) that will be held in Vancouver, BC this coming November.  There are two main reasons that this is a race I'm super happy to support and try encourage you, the reader, to run!  Firstly The Great Climate Race is being organised by my friend Ben West.  Ben was a participant of the Kintec/ NSA marathon training group that I helped lead this past winter.  The first evening the group met on a dark and cold December evening there was a mass of excited runners.  But as is typical with these groups, each Sunday and Tuesday there seemed to be a few less folks, or folks who would only show up once in a while.  But each and every week (or actually two times a week) Ben would be there come rain or shine; despite this being his first marathon Ben had already fully grasped the fundamentals of training and a successful race day - consistency!  It was super to see him succeed after much hard work when he completed the BMO Vancouver marathon in early May.  So Ben is a runner and friend which is good enough reason to promo 'his' race but the even better reason is that The Great Climate Race is not just any old 10k race on the Vancouver seawall, but it is one with an environmental awareness and fund raising goal, specifically around solar power.

The Great Climate Race (10k and 2k) will be held on Sunday 8th November, starting at Second Beach in Vancouver's beautiful Stanley Park.  Full details of the event, and how to sign up, are here.  And to keep up to date with race happening and news, follow their facebook page here.

The event intends to increase public awareness of climate change while raising funds for local solar energy projects.  A portion of all registration fees go to one specific project (this year its for the Stanley Park Ecology Society) and all participants also have the opportunity to raise funds for additional projects through our peer to peer fundraising platform on our website.
There is more information as to why The Great Climate Race is focusing on solar power here.

In Ben's words, "We want our event to give everyone an opportunity to do something meaningful at the local level and give folks a sense of connection to viable climate solutions. We are hoping this event will help expand climate awareness and action beyond the "usual suspects" who take part in rallies and protests".

If you'd like to learn more there is a great article about November's Great Climate Race here.

Hope some of you can join The Great Climate Race on November 8th for a fun and fast (if you want it to be!) event with a great cause at its heart!

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