August 7, 2010

Your Favourite Trail Race!

So often I talk to a friend or read a magazine and find out about some awesome race....the day after it took place. Hurumph, means you have to wait a full year to go run said race, far too long for any impatient runner. I mean there are the big races that everyone hears about but there are so many other little gems out there too that are just fun to be part of. So let's get this discussion going...what's some neat race that you've done, got on the cards or are hoping to get into? Doesn't have to be big, doesn't have to be official, certainly doesn't have to be an ultra.

For my part, it's the Rubble Creek Classic held nr Whistler, BC on Sept 26th this year. 26kms, but oh my, it's one massive climb, the fun n flat and oh so scenic alpine cinder flats, and then one blasting, knee crushing descent. Big on scenery, low on hype and only one friend cracked some ribs last year! rubble/

Please leave your comments, I'll look forward to seeing if there are any...when I'm back in from my run...

Happy Trails,
Ellie x


  1. This is my fist trail run coming up. I was always a pavement dweller but I love love love the trails.

    I watched you come in at the Death Race. Great job! You didn't even look tired! I was raised in Grande Cache our Family is a big supporter of the race.


  2. Around the Lake Giv'r Take 30km, Cultus Lake (I think in October). Fun ups and amazing fun downs. Even in the rain last year I had a blast!!!!

  3. I am biased, but Sinister 7!

    I also love the 5 Peaks series - fun atmosphere, great courses and lots of draw prizes.

    Congrats on your awesome season - so inspiring and I love reading your race reports.


  4. With it's great views of the California coastline, the Golden Gate bridge and San Francisco at sunrise, trails through redwood forests etc, I think I'd put Miwok at the top of my list. And not super technical–just the way I like it.

  5. I love the Loop the Lake at Invermere. I've only ever done the half marathon, but there's a 10k as well. Awesome scenery, nice varied course, and great atmosphere. Plus you get to go jump in the lake when you're done :)

  6. It may very well be because it was just run yesterday, but I think STORMY has to go down in the books for me.

    The trails are in great shape, plenty of challenging climbing, fun and fast tech downhill and even some flat FSR for those with leg speed.

    The race offers various distance from 10km as part of a relay team, up to 100 mile solo, meaning that people of all abilities and tastes can participate on the day.

    I have participated for the last 2 years and will be back next year for sure!

    ps - good swag too!

  7. A shout out to the Emporer's Challenge in Tumbler Ridge. I've never run the race, but the fact that a town of 2500 can draw 600+ entries for a 20km trail run suggests it has something going for it.

    True to form, the race was on Saturday.

  8. Thanks for all the great suggestions, keep them coming!

  9. It's the only ultra I've run, but the Devil Mountain 50K in Pagosa Springs, CO in July was best racing experience I've had, through and through.

    There's camping right at the starting line, the course is challenging, but features some blissful singletrack, some hellish climbing, fun descents and an unreal view on a mountain ridge after summiting Devil Mountain. And the post-race layout and get together at the Pagosa Brewery was top notch.

  10. Hey Ellie, how about two favourites?

    For the "shorter" trail run I concur with the Rubble Creek Classic for its awesome scenery and glorious downhill.

    And Orcas 50K for its island location, challenging but runnable trail and unique accomodation!