July 6, 2011

Compress Those Calves! (and the rest of the legs)

Compression socks. Oh, those stylish knee-highs that either make you look like (a) you are back at school, (b) like you must be a sooper-dooper-fast runner, or (like me) (c) make you look like your legs are really short and this is why you don't play field hockey. But that said, with compression socks having being around the running scene for quite a number of years now they look like they are here to stay, and quite rightly so.

As ever, with these things I will not go into all the scientific surveys that show improved circulation both during and after work outs, and increased blood flow and recovery, but I'll simply say that compression does seem to work. Although I will admit that I am yet to try my own scientific study which would be to run a race in one regular sock and one compression sock and see which legs feels better the next day ;) I'm seriously tempted to do this, except for the fact that I mostly wear compression for recovery rather than actual racing, although I have found the calf sleeves great in longer races as they provide the benefits of compression whilst still allowing me to wear my favourite socks on my feet.

I had tried on various 'compression' socks in stores and was so so on whether they were worth the money. But last year I checked out the CEP booth at Edmonton marathon and finally found a pair of compression socks that seemed worth the investment. Firstly I was impressed that I got measured for them - I mean it only makes sense that you wear the right amount of compression, would you buy a pair of running shoes without getting your feet measured after all? And I can honestly say that I think wearing my CEP compression socks after Comrades and for the 22hrs of flying to get back home after was one reason my legs recovered so quickly after that 87km of tarmac pounding.

So yep, I am delighted to now be on board with CEP and why not check out their site . As well as making compression socks and sleeves, I am excited to soon try out their compression shorts and the very latest product in their line - Clone - a pair of tights designed for recovery that are pesonally tailored for each individual after being measured in something like 41 points on each leg!

And it's always nice to spread a little love, so if you would like the chance to win a pair of totally free CEP compression socks or sleeves please simply post 'compress those calves!' as a comment to this bost on my blog (not on my Facebook page). Entries will be drawn on Thursday 14th June at 5pm MST. Only for Canucks and Yanks, sorry to all others - I'll try have more give aways soon.


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  2. Compress those calves!

  3. Compress those calves!

  4. Quite a conversation we have going here. Might as well keep it going.

    Compress those calves!

  5. compress those calves!

    Congrats on Western States!

  6. Compress those calves! (username should be 'avengangle,' don't know why i'm getting letters and numbers)

  7. Compress those calves!
    And congratulations on your Western State 100. AMAZING!!!

  8. Compress those calves!
    Congrats on a great win at Western.

    Jeremy H

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  10. compress those calves - if I win pair, I might even wear them!

  11. Compress those calves!

    I have had a lot of trouble warming up to the idea (and the look) of compression sleeves/socks. I do, however, secretly where calf sleeves under my jeans in order to reap their benefits.
    I have never found compression socks which fit my tiny feet.

  12. 'compress those calves!'