June 5, 2012

Comrades Video Clip

A short video from Sunday's Comrades.  Please note; (1) Sports bras are very handy for storing gels and cliff shot blocks.  (2) I am a trail runner - I was not walking that hill, I was power walking (there is a distinct difference but I don't think road runners appreciate any sort of walking!).  (3) I am a Scot living in Canada, I need to start using spray tan ;)

Race report is posted below....

Happy trails & tarmac,


  1. Love the commentary on the men's early leader, "But he blew up spectacularly..."

    Great job out there, Ellie! Really fun to watch the video clips and read your recount of it. Way to hang on for spectacular finish!

  2. ...and what a POWER-WALK it is!!

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