June 18, 2012

To be Chicked

'To be Chicked'.  Like the phrase?  Hate the phrase?  Heck, there's always a good discussion on the finer points of ultra running such as this going on over at www.irunfar.com.  Check out and chuckle at the discussion on chicking by clicking here.

Happy trails to you all - men and women alike :)

Chuckanut chicks cruising on the Interurban, March 2011.  Photo: Glenn Tachiyama


  1. Amazing WSER. Course record. So soon after Comrades. Immense. :)

  2. Well done at WS100!! Inspired.

  3. Congrats on the WS triumph. Quick question if I may: who makes the upper body gear you use to stash calories and hydrate from a bladder? Thanks and keep up the hard work! Art

  4. Thanks for the congrats everyone and WS race report to come soon....!

    Art - at WS I used the new Mountain Hardwear Fluid 6 pack (they also have a race vest which has pockets on front but less volume in the back than the pack) - look on www.mountainhardwear.com. That or Nathan also make packs.

    1. Thank you kindly. Best of success going forward. Art