November 15, 2009

Ethiopian Adventures

I was lucky enough to get the whole month of October off work so as well as being able to get back to the UK to visit family and friends I decided to do a bit of travelling. I love to travel but hadn't been anywhere really fun since India two years ago. I'd looked at going to Ethiopia for quite some time and my two week trek in the Simien mountains went far beyond my expectations. I'd never been to sub-Saharan Africa so even arriving at Addis Ababa airport was exciting enough. I went on an organised tour, not something that everyone would choose to do but I had been with the same company to a couple of other destinations and they are at awesome at being low key and promoting responsible tourism, as well as saving so much time with organising trek permits, guides etc. I could write pages about the trek but basically I will just say to go to Ethiopia if you have the chance!! October is just after rainy season, so the mountains were green and lush with so many flowers. The Simien mountains are simply stunning, the only place I can even vaguely compare them with is the Grand Canyon; massive drops and sheer cliffs. But what really made it was the Ethiopian people - they were so friendly, so welcoming and so inquisitive - we went into peoples houses in the villages for coffee, we talked to the local kids who were so keen to practise the English, and we had an unforgettable evening dancing Ethiopian-style with muleteers around the campfire - you really had to be there to experience that! Anyway, a few photos to give you a taster of the amazing country...

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