November 15, 2009

My First Blog!

For quite a while I've deliberated having a blog, more and more friends have them and I think they're a great tool for sharing stories, ideas and photos but then I'm not sure I want to share all my stories with the cyber world - so I'll see if I become a regular blogger or if I fall off the fad by Christmas! However, having recently (6 days ago!) moved from Vancouver to Banff I've decided that hopefully enough of my Vancouver friends want to hear about what I'm up to in Alberta, plus it'll keep my training honest if I know that people are checking my postings. One of my biggest fears in moving here is that I will fall off the ultra running bandwagon and lose my endurance and speed. So please guys, if I'm not sounding hardcore enough in my postings, please let me know that I need to get out and hit the trails more! But for now I'm off to the gym, I was going to go run but with a niggling, pain in my shin (please no shin splins!) I'm thinking the gym could be a better idea. And besides, I've still got to get an expert Albertans opinion if the tracks I saw in the snow on my 2hr run yesterday were bear prints or not!! Yesterday's run was 2 hours along the Spray Loop trail nr the Banff Springs Hotel. It was so beautiful to be out on the trails, with hardly anyone else there. The snow was packed, so easy to run on and with the shelter of the trees and the fact I'd waited until the afternoon to run, minus 5 felt balmy :) I've even found a back route, running along the side of the rail tracks to avoid the public humiliation of running down Banff Avenue with all the shoppers. Now I just need to get my fitness back and work on my flexibilty too as although the run felt good, my legs were seriously tight. First yoga class on Monday!


  1. Hi Ellie! Thanks for inviting us to keep an eye on you through the blog! It's great to see you're doing well and the bears haven't frightened you off you.

    We'll be watching! Jackie Montgomery

  2. Thanks Jackie. Maybe if I don't update my blog at least once a week then can you send out a search party in case a bear has got me?! Hope you and Dave are enjoying some of the Club Fat Ass events :)