November 17, 2009

Magical Mountain Masochists

At the start of October Montrail (along with the race directors) hosted myself and two team mates, Gary and Ryne, at Run for the Toad 50km in near Kitchener, Ontario. This is an awesome event, in part because of the Tent City race expo that is held the day of and day before the race. It was great fun to be on the Montrail booth and to get a sneak preview at the Montrail line up for 2010. My first question on seeing the shoes was 'So where are the Streaks?' and I was pretty dismayed to hear that they were not to be part of the 2010 line up. I've raced (and pretty much trained) in nothing but Streaks this year and love them so how was I going to run without them?!!! Well, on arriving in Banff, as well as finding all by boxes I'd shipped from Vancouver I also found two boxes of shiny new Montrails - yay! So today I took out my Mountain Masochists for the first time. I expected good things as these shoes won 'Gear of the Year' award from Outside magazine and plenty of friends run in them. As it was an afterwork run and I still don't know the Banff trails that well I went on a road run but knew that trail shoes were the best option anyway as it was hovering arouns zero with damp, slick snow. The Masochists are AWESOME! They felt snug and like they moulded to my feet as soon as I popped them on and after that I pretty much forgot I had them on, which I always consider a good thing in a shoe! I did an hours run on slippy, snowy roads and yet got great traction and an easy ride. They are nice and light weight too so I'd have no hesitation to wear these on a road run again. They'll definitely take place of the Streaks for me, and now I'm just itching to give them a real test on the trails...
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