January 3, 2010

The Running Community

One thing that never fails to amaze me about running is that although on the surface it appears to be a solo sport we all know as runners that nothing could be further from the truth. How many of us have training partners, running buddies and relay team friends? Running has allowed me to make so many friends and I've always been amazed at how friendly and welcoming other runners are, so accepting of fellow runners to come and join in the fun. I have running friends who come from all walks of life, a whole host of countries and who are all ages, yet we always find we get along because of that one common denominator - running.

This last week I've had chance to reflect on this. Since I moved to Banff I've been running solo and relying on emailing my friends on Vancouver for support and feedback. I don't mind running on my own but I have missed the company, so what happended this week was very neat. I was sitting in my office when someone popped their head around the door. 'Hi, I don't really know who I'm looking for except she is British and a trail runner and has recently moved from Vancouver'. Well pretty soon all eyes were on me (4 of us work in our office - one is 8 months pregnant so it's pretty obvious that she isn't going running anytime soon, another is petite, blonde and very pretty - not your typical trail runner look, and finally my boss is just about hoping to get back to 10km shape, so I think I was the most obvious runner among us!). So up I hoped to see who this random visitor was. It turns out that he trained with VFAC in Vancouver about 16yrs ago and is still in touch with our coach who had mentioned to him that I had moved to Banff and would welcome some running company! It just bowls me over; firstly John (my coach) had gone to the effort of searching out the only runner he knows in Banff to help me out, and secondly that Jo, who I am sure has plenty of running buddies already, went to the effort to come find me and suggest we go for a run. If that ain't a Running Commuity I don't know what is.

So Jo and I went for a bit over an hours run this morning (and he showed me a new route - yay) and he's going to link me up with some of his friends who runs ultras. Good times! In fact I was so excited I then ran/ hiked up and down Sulphur mountain too (on my own), thus got in a total 3h50 today. No skiing this weekend but I'll sacrifice a ski anytime for a run with some company. As a side note my legs now feel trashed - tight hips and calves. Got to get back to yoga this week!

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