January 15, 2010

Work/ Life Balance...can someone remind me what that is?

Wow, right now I am just in from a 53min run. I am counting every minute as every minute was a strugle to stay awake. I had hoped to get maybe 90mins in but there was no way I could keep going as I am just dead on my feet right now.
Life has been pretty whirl wind since I arrived in Banff just over two months ago. I mean I can't believe that I have been here two months as I feel like I've not had a chance to settle in as I've been too busy working. I'm not meaning to moan here as my move here did involve a bit of a job promotion but all I can say is it is manic!!!!!! Hours are pretty long, lunch breaks are pretty non-existent and I am now wholly proficient at having an in depth phone call on one topic whilst simultaneously emailing on a totally separate topic.
So other than work, where I am pepared to put he hours in as I do really enjoy it, my priority has been running and hitting the gym. But as I start work fairly early this means I am running or hitting the gym in the evenng when I am dead beat. Tonight was only a bit worse than some other nights but I know when I am just getting a run in for the sake of it and really should just get some rest in, recuperate and rejuvenate so I can be fresh to hit it another day.
So, one more day at work tomorrow and then two days off where my priorities as usual will be to get some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs in and to get some runs in. Only 3 weeks to Orca's and I know I need to keep good training in to make these weeks count rather than fizzle out too soon...
On that note, I'm going to get ready for my wild Friday night in of PJs, herbal tea and a running magazine. Late start - 9am - woo hoo, in the office tomorrow..but really need to get up early to phone the UK folks too......oh for 10 days in a week!

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