November 13, 2011

2012 Race far...

With needing to book vacation time off work and with ultras now typically selling out months in advance it always comes to this time of year and I start sitting down planning what races I might do next year. Of course, it is hard to plan so far ahead sometimes but in a sense sitting down and thinking about what I want out of my running year, what goals I would like to achieve and what courses I would like to experience and challenge myself against is a good thing to do for any runner.

The list I have come up with for 2012, now it is down on paper, looks pretty ambitious to me! If I do actually realize all these races then it will be an action packed and demanding 12 months for sure. Maybe I am trying to bite off more than I can chew, but on the other hand, if my body and mind are able to do all of this, it would be a dream. I have tried to choose races that complement one another, races that are a mix of old favourites with less pressure and more about sharing good trail times with friends, to big goals that I have no idea how they will pan out and even if I can achieve them. There are quite a few races which are repetitions from this year, which may seem odd but to be honest, any racer learns a lot from the first time completing a course and so some I would like to go back to with my new found knowledge and see if I can improve.

So, with no further a do, my 'plans' (race entries, body and mind permitting) are:

March 17th - Chuckanut 50km, Bellingham, WA, USA
April 7th - American River 50 miler, Scaramento, CA, USA
April 22nd - London Marathon, UK.
June 3rd - Comrades 89km (downhill), Pietermaritzberg to Durban, South Africa
June 23rd - Western States 100 miler, Squaw Valley to Auburn, CA, USA
August 31st - UTMB, Chamonix, France
September 29th - UROC (Ultra Race of Champions) 100km, Virginia, USA

... I also have 2 or 3 other races September onwards that I am eyeing up and have pencilled in, but will wait and see a little on those.

Oh, and as for Chile being my last race of this year.... all I can say is that I have zero will power, that Chile reinvigorated me to hit the trails and have pure and simple fun, so I look forward to lacing up my Montrails and seeing how I do in the Marin Headlands in 2 weeks time.

Happy trails x


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  2. What a line up Ellie, running the London Marathon in the oylmpic year will be amazing. The more I hear about the UTMB, it is quickly becoming a race on my must do list. Next for me is Tawawera 100k in March, then maybe later in the year, will tackle my first 100 miler.

  3. The Lucky Chucky is always a great way to start the year! What a great line up Ellie.

  4. Wow, that's a very impressive schedule for the year! Do you think that UMTB and UROC might be a little too close together? Good luck your run in the Marin Headlands! I was hoping to do the Nitro Turkey in the east bay, but the Thanksgiving feasting and the rain will keep me from the trail this weekend.

  5. Excited for you Campbell!
    As to whether UTMB & OROC are too close - will see nearer the time and how years pans out :)