November 23, 2011

Martin Parnell's Marathon Quest Anniversary Run - Dec 31st, Cochrane, AB

You think you run a lot? Well did you run 250 marathons last year? Martin Parnell, a wholly unassuming Brit living in Cochrane, Alberta did in 2010, and all to raise funds for Right to Play. I had the pleasure of meeting Martin at Comrades this year andhave seen him a few times since and the more I have chatted to Martin I am amazed about his dedication to raise money for Right to Play through setting up amazing challenges without the aim of self-promoting whatsoever. He just appears to love to run and loves to inspire kids to be active.

Martin will be celebrating the one year anniversary of the completion of h
is Marathon Quest (250 marathons in one year) guessed it, running a marathon! Everyone is welcome to come join Martin to run anywhere from
2.5km to the full 42.2 in Cochrane on Dec 31st. Personally I can't think of a better way to end the year :)

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