June 28, 2012

The Big Dance

Last Saturday I ran 100.2 miles from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California.  It would be fair to say that it was a reasonably successful outing.  A few pics below and many thanks to Bryon and the team www.irunfar.com not only for their awesome race day updates on twitter but also for posting my race report.  Check it out by clicking here.

And as I have such great crew they also write reports too which is fun to hear their side of the story.
Click here for Kristin's write up
And here for Ryne's

With RD Greg Soderlund.  I think we were both a little surprised by the number on the clock.  Credit - Glenn Tachiyama

Rucky Chucky at km125 with Ryne giving me a bath.  Credit - Glenn Tachiyama

Hiking those hills with Bryon of iRunFar & future RD Craig Thornley taking pics of my not so good side :)

There's nothing like rain whipping at your face, Rory Bosio cracking jokes and a hike up Emigrant Pass to wake you up at 5am.  Credit - Bob/ Drymax Socks

Looking like a granny at the finish line (4 days later I still have swollen granny feet).  Credit - Ken/ Running Stupid

Reasonable track form after a 100 mile warm up.  Credit - Bob/ Drymax Socks

Up and out of the canyons.  Credit - Brett Rivers

Green Gate with Ryne - 128km down, 32 to go.  Credit - Alva Woolf

With my magically marvellous crew.  Credit - that Salomon dude, Phil Villeneuve

Quite literally stealing gloves off the hands of my crew at Robinson Flat.  Credit - Craig Thornley

Coincidence on which flags are closest to the clock?  Credit - John Mackey Photography

Pack off for a weigh in at Foresthill with Kristin.

With my idol Meghan Arbogast!  Fair to say she is a few years older than me and not much slower.  F10 Meghan - congrats, you're downright awesome!

Mikey P the Powerhouse, Shoe Wearin' Rune and KOP.

Team Ellie - you guys are the best.  Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. Congrats on a truly amazing race (and I get to be first to say it here!) Now I'll go read the full report.

  2. Well done Ellie G! Hey, Ran and I want to do some NS trails this weekend. Maybe five or six hours. You in?? :) Kidding, kidding...you're not invited :) because we want you to really rest for once. Well done little lady!

  3. Congratulations, Ellie, what a huge win! I was literally glued to the iRunFar’s race broadcast on Saturday cheering for, and envying you guys. Good luck at the UTMB – I am sure you’ll be keen to go there once the WS fatigue and pain fades away.

  4. Congratulations on WS win and CR. Have enjoyed all the race updates, interviews etc. Keep running!

  5. Thanks for letting me be a small part of your success again this year, Ellie!! I'm so proud of you for your historic achievement!!! Truly inspiring!

    All Day!

  6. Congratulations for accomplishing what most of us girl runners only dream off..I am a new reader and I am a dan too now. Way to go !!!!!

  7. Amazing race. Huge congrats to you and your crew! Enjoyed reading the iRF updates, interviews, your report and photos. Your race certainly won't be forgotten anytime soon. Enjoy!

  8. So awesome - big congrats! Followed you on the Twitter feed all day of the WS100!

  9. You are freaking awesome. I just started running five years ago, ran my first 50-miler in April, and crewed at WS last weekend, so I got to see you and your crew in action. Gets me a tad emotional to see photos of your win and recordbreaking time, and realize that women weren't allowed to run long distance (or much of anything for that matter) until just a few years ago! Way to endure, AND run fast. I'm certainly inspired by your run. -Karah/Tired Mama Running

  10. I'm always trying to learn so hopefully a couple of training questions are not out of line...?

    1) How is lots of fast powerhiking a taper? Do you find that running puts that much more stress on your body than hiking up and down hills? Why not do some easy runs or even some progressively easier runs with ample rest in between?

    2) In your race report you mentioned at one stop early on you had Coke and chips. Did you mean potato chips? I'm curious what you usually like to eat while running long distances and/or if it matter much to you. Some people seem to have an iron stomach and just need any food while others have specific products they need or they run into trouble.

  11. Hi Martin. For me powerhiking is definitely a lot easier than running when I had just run a road 89km with significant downhill, power hiking on soft trails takes a lot less pressure and uses slightly different muscles than running so allows for recovery.
    For nutrition I have a pretty good stomach and for WS100 stuck to clif drink, clif shots, gels , potato chips, coke, ginger ale and coconut water. Some people prefer more solid food but the above works for me - it's a trial and error experiment for anyone during training so you are set for race day.
    Hope that helps!

  12. Congrats! What an awesome accomplishment!!!

  13. I just wanted to say you're an incredible inspiration to me and congratulations on your win! I followed your race via twitter, and legitimately let out a huge gasp when I saw your finishing time. There are times when many of us think things are impossible (like running 100 miles in general), and then not only do we accomplish the impossible, but we do it again even faster. Thank you for doing the impossible, even faster.

  14. simply wowww! breaking ann trason's cr is just wowwwwww!

  15. I've looking to buy a hydration pack and have been trying, unsuccessfully, to figure out what you're wearing from the few photos I can find. Would you tell me?