December 22, 2009

Sparkling, Snowy, Smug Satisfaction Run

So I headed out a little relucatantly on my run this evening. Yet again it was going to be a cold, snowy run in the dark. Even on my walk home from work I could hardly see a thing as it was windy and snowing and I had to practically close my eyes to see anything at all. But I was pretty good at not procrastinating and just heading out of the door and as soon as I got off the main road I was loving it! A fair amount of wind blown snow had accummulated at the side of the road and with my head light shining ahead into the oncoming snow it was like I was running in one of those little snow-storm shaker things - sooo, sooo pretty! Just like a Christmas card scene :) It almost seemed like I was standing still as I had very few visuals to focus my eyes on and with the snow bombarding me head on that for a while I thought I was on a treadmill battling ahead against the wind but never actually going anywhere! It was a total escape and I was so 'in' my run I felt like I could run forever. Definitely one of those runs where my spirit was soaring, I had not a care in the world and I felt so smug that I was having such an amazing time running knowing that most people are never be able to appreciate the fun that us runners can have in the cold and snow, battling the elements. One little quote sums this up:

"The more I run, the more I want to run, and the more I live a life conditioned and influenced and fashioned by running. And the more I run, the more certain I am that I am heading for my real goal: to become the person I am" George Sheenan

Happy Running!

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