January 3, 2011

Empowered U - Banff Community Evening

In November I had the pleasure of speaking at Lululemon Athletica Banff, a great community store who do lots to get things moving and happening in the Bow Valley. They will be hosting another community evening, this time about goal setting. Details are below. Come along, bring a friend and if you need more info contact Tom at tsouthee@lululemon.com

We are on the cusp of yet another new year… and with each passing year change is inevitable. This is often a time when one begins searching for purpose or direction. Goals give you this sense of direction in all areas of your life. They are a source of passion and purpose. Join Lindsey Williams, Leadership Instructor and Coach, for an evening of discussion and goal setting strategies to empower you to define who you are and set a clear vision for where you want to go.

When: Tuesday January 18th from 8-9pm.
Where: lululemon athletica Banff. In-store


  1. I'm only a little jealous about your race plans!!!!!!

    Makes me want to go TRY and win the death race (you make it look so easy) to get a free trip....but its sooooo expensive! So stoked your doing western....you are going to rock it...no doubt about that!

    Hope to see you in the trails in the near future! Maybe at the first half!

  2. Thanks Nic! yeah, Death Race is pricey but is an amazing race experience and I would so recommend it (even without the awesome prize!) Hope you are enjoying Squamish living! Are you doing Chuckanut this year?