January 19, 2011

New & Improved for 2011

This blog post is to announce that the 2010 version of Ellie has been discontinued and will no longer be available. We are excited to announce the New & Improved version for 2011! The 2011 model features core strength, regular physio and massage visits, improved running form, and glutes and hamstrings that will power the legs forward with increased efficiency (thus easing up the strain on the SI and reducing the work on the quads). Wow! This new model is currently making it's first major trial runs on the roads of Banff and the treadmills at Sally Borden Fitness Centre.

It had taken close to two months to develop this new model, with refinements and improvements continuing to be made by the day. It's a work in progress but we are sure you will be impressed with the results! Of course it has not been plain sailing in the development of this product; several minor set backs were encountered and not all changes resulted in immediate improvement. A lot of patience and hard work was required, but through trial and error, as well as working through niggles that arose along the way we are pleased with the product as it stands at present. This is not a final product, the team continue to assess the performance by the day, monitor the outcome of adjustments and most importantly of all continually question and monitor the impact of new introductions and practices.

Results of the current model include:

- 2 x 90min treadmill runs
- Running approx 5 days a week

- Minimal walk breaks

- Initial attempts at bringing some speed back (these are still very much preliminary results as the focus has been on slow, steady running)

- Runs without physio taping (though taping has proved successful in ensuring correct running form and will be continued, at least to a certain extent, for some time)

The official unveiling of the New & Improved Ellie will be in just over 3 weeks time at the First Half Half Marathon (Vancouver, BC).

For more information regards this Press Release, please post a comment to this blog.

With special thanks in the development of the New & Improved Ellie to Hugh Simson (Action Motion Physiotherapy, Banff, AB)


  1. Can't wait to see the new and improved model demonstration at the first half. Actually since I will be running it as well and you will be well ahead of me, I will have to settle for eye witness accounts!

  2. Awesome! I can only imagine how an "improved" Ellie will perform. Tis the season for core strength training and PT, that's for sure. Keep it up, girl!

  3. Haha quality post Ellie. Love your style. Thanks to Coach Ken and Running Stupid (great interview btw) I will now be following you every step of the way. Good luck in 2011 Ellie. Disco Stu

  4. Love your fun & clever writing style in this post Ellie! Can't even imagine how an "improved model" will intimidate competitors!
    I'm playing with making blogs and websites these days and found yours accidentally through Mike P.'s blog via his awesome Facebook photos.

    Nancy Tinari

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