January 3, 2011

A Little Race Schedule for 2011!!!

As I am still recovering from injury and hobbling along with short runs, gym sessions and physio exercises a lot that has kept me going is the exciting line up of races I have for 2011. I have a lot to get better for :) Body and mind permitting I'll be at some awesome start lines this year and I can't wait for the new experiences that they will bring. I'm sure I'll also be slipping in some other races throughout the year but here are the key races so far.....

- Feb 13th, First Half Half Marathon, Vancouver, BC.

This is organised by one of my former running clubs, Pacific Road Runners, so it will be great to see lots of familiar faces and hopefully post a solid time (injury permitting)www.pacificroadrunners.ca/firsthalf/

- March 19th, Chuckanut 50km, Bellingham, WA
I have raced Chuckanut twice and I love this event. Typically a stellar line up of racers yet a low key atmosphere is maintained. Pacific Northwest trails at their best - great forests, great views, and I might be one of the few - but I love the out and back, fast n flat, interurban section at the start and finish!

- April 9th, American River 50miler, Sacramento, CA

I keep saying I'll race more in the US so threw this one in as from what I hear I think it's my kind of course (in otherwords, non-technical and fast!) Part of the Montrail ultracup series so good racers often show up and wil be fun to hit some totally new terrain.


- May 29th, Comrades 89km, Durban to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
I've heard about this race for years and can't believe I'll be there for 2011! 18, 000 racers, run every year since 1921, all tarmac, it's an uphill year, and hey - I love road racing and ultras so it seemed like a no brainer. Heat training may be required.....

- June 25th, Western States 100 mile Endurance Run, Squaw Valley, CA

My first 100miler and I've always sworn anyone crazy to do Western as their first 100miler, but there I will be to see if I can run 100miles! Absolutely stoked to be racing Squaw Valley to Auburn, I'll be training seriously hard for this and pinching every bit of advice I can get from anyone and everyone. I've already got an awesome crew and pacer. Again, some heat training in the sauna will be required, because it's going to be a little warmer in those canyons than in Banff.

- September 9th, World 100km Championships, Winschoeten, Netherlands
One thing that kept me going at the Worlds in 2010 was I swore I never wanted to run 100km on tarmac again. But a few weeks later, with painful memories already fading, I knew I had to tackle the distance again. I like to think I can improve on my Gibraltar time and if there is a place to do it it's on this course (10 x 10km loops, fast, flat, lots of supporters). And before you ask ... I'll be on Team GB :)

- October 15th, North Face 50miler, Santiago, Chile!
My prize for winning Canadian Death Race in 2010 was an expenses paid trip to any TNF race in the world. Wow! So I'll be running 50miles in the Andes, and of course I'll be racing, but more than that I'll be soaking up this experience on my first trip to South America and I think I'll find space in my nathan pack for my camera! Definitely more for the fun and the experience rather than racing my guts out.

So with that said, I'm off to try run for 56mins - my physio prescribed run for the day. I am being patient and not pushing it as I know I need to get back into running easy if I want to make these start lines this year. Although it's tempting to push it, I know ultimately that would be likely to set me back further. One step at a time to make it to these races...

Wishing you all a fun-filled year of running!


  1. Awesome schedule. Hope the recovery continues to go well. Jealous you are running Comrades, I was hoping to get there this year but will settle for 2012 and a down year!

  2. Ellie, best of luck with your fantastic schedule in 2011! For what it's worth, I think Western States is a great first 100. I ran it as my first. The lore, the competition, the support, and all that go into making it THE Us 100 all make it suitable for first timers. And as far as the course goes, I'm fairly certain that mile for mile, Western States is easier than the Death Race.

  3. Hey Devon, I'm glad to be doing an up year at Comrades - think it'll be easier on the body - but I'll let you know for sure in May!

    Bryon - thanks for the encouragement for Western, and although it is going to be something else altogther I think Death Race was good prep.