January 27, 2011

Fast & Female Ambassador

In the words of Chandra Crawford, Fast & Female founder and 2006 Olympic cross country ski medallist, 'At Fast & Female girls aged 9 to 19 years build confidence and leadership through exciting sporting events'. One of the great things about living in the Bow Valley is that there are world class athletes, cross country skiers in particular, who call Canmore or Banff home. They live here, they train here and they inspire children here to follow in their footsteps. So I feel pretty honoured to have been asked to be an Ambassador for Fast & Female - especially as I am the first ultra running Ambassador to date!

Fast & Female host events all over Canada as well as some in the US where the aim is that the events are inspirational, innovative and have an impact on the personal and athletic development of young girls primarily in cross country skiing but also in biathlon and complementary summer enduro-sports. The events are fun days - a mix of skiing, presentations, yoga and dance. I will be speaking at the Canadian 2011 Cross Country Ski Festival in Canmore on March 13th for my first Fast & Female event. As well as being such great events one of the things that I think is just as important is the full day costs just $15 making the day very accessible and non-elitist. Plus coaches and parents can attend too and participate in parts of the day themselves to better help them to support their young female athletes.

So check out more information about the Fast & Female events by clicking on their logo to the right handside of my blog, or www.fastandfemale.com


  1. Ellie, I never heard of this group before but I think it's great. My daughter falls into that age category (she'll be 10 in just 10 short days). I'm trying to encoourage her into taking up trail running with me and hopefully will get her out to some 5 peaks kids' courses this year.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Great on getting your daughter out there Mark! It's super that races have kids courses thus making them real family events :)

  3. Fast & Female are very cool .... I volunteered recently at their Fitness Day after participating last year. Have you met M&H yet? She's a dynamo!